September’s Sensitivities Series

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Art by Phoebe Surana, 2018, Original Photography, Digital Collage.


September’s Sensitivities‘, about this series:


I have a majestic collection of dried flower, moth and butterfly art. I started taking pieces home from garage sales near my home in Alberta, Canada when no one wanted them anymore. The same sentiment can be found when flowers dry up on plants, when one discards them into the compost or garbage. I am also fascinated by the making of curious objects. The careful and considerate attention a crafts person or artisan will demonstrate by placing each delicate element on it’s simple angle. A reenactment of the patterns and personality found around one’s home. So I started collecting my own treasures from around my home and outside in my natural environment. I have boxes of the treasures I have stumbled upon outside on the Alberta prairies, boreal forest and swamps. Dried up and dead; pieces of seeds, parts of animals and insects. For more inspiration I will grow my own dried art elements; orchids, geraniums, succulents, hibiscus, herbs, and vegetables. 

September’s Sensitivities Series uses my original photography of my original findings and harvests in nature. There are ten currently displayed in this slideshow, which may increase over time. I am drawn to the sensitive tones of September when the Autumn approaches quickly here and the landscape of my home changes dramatically. The death that follows what has just ripened feels very symbolic and mystical, to me. In contrast to the craft and folk art of dried flower arrangements I took a more spontaneous approach. Through scattering and playing with showing off textures and patterns, I hoped to invoke a kind of slow dance and companionship or romance of hues. 


September's Sensitivities Series, #23
Detail of layer for September’s Sensitivities, 2018.