Portfolio Items

Original photographs captured at Métis Crossing residency. Phoebe Surana, 2018.

When the aliveness froze and it was time for the ‘going in’ we left our garden where she stood at first snow fall. When the frozen flooded and it was time for the ‘re-awakening’ we found our garden full of seeds. She offered them up in perfect bouquets, fragrant stalks, and mystical shapes…



On Color:

“I believe that color, sound, and scent can be used to activate the hidden centers in our etheric bodies. I believe they can also offer a break down and/or clearing of stagnation (fixation), distortion, the past, the future, and the tyranny of time.

I see tones of color and fluid geometry that train my ability to unlock my inner senses and my faculty of intuition. These tones present themselves as currents, and bring me eternal comfort.  (more…)